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Leveraging your BIM data


Convert your 3D Scan data to a 3D model

Sometimes the design or future expansion of a building is reliant on the surrounding areas and therefore retrieving an accurate 3D laser scanning is used in the Scan to BIM process to capture an accurate 3D scan of the real-world conditions on a project. 

The scan data is then imported into a 3D modelling environment package (such as Revit) to create an accurate as-built model. 

Identify risks to design with clash detection of Scan to BIM model

Provide a base point of design and logistics for expansion and refurb projects

Validate old 2D as-built records for facilities management

Develop digital twin to enable your project to become a smart building utilising advanced connected technologies

Use of digital twin for more modern evacuation/emergencies plans, security monitoring, space usage, lighting, renovations, operations, maintenance and more

Choose the quality that your business deserves

GagaMuller can provide a full service solution to allow you base your project or building on accurate, real-world data, rather than you relying on inaccurate field methods or outdated existing plans.

Save time, reduce errors, improve collaboration and maximise efficiency with precise field intelligence that is future proof and accessible anywhere.

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