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Capture an accurate 3D scan of the real-world conditions on a project


Accurate 3D scan of the real-world conditions of your project

Whether you are an owner, designer or on site, accurate 3D Laser Scan data is hugely powerful information.

Scans capture data of real-world objects and environments to produce point clouds and highly accurate measurements for any project.

Capture surrounding environment dimensions and obstacles to overlay on design prior to planning

Capture accurate install of underground services and utilities

Capture accurate install of hidden details such as above ceiling and behind walls for future expansion

Capture incorrect installation early during construction and avoid expensive claims and rework

Capture accurate as-built information to inform your facilities management team

Choose the quality that your business deserves

GagaMuller can provide a full service solution to allow you base your project or building on accurate, real-world data, rather than you relying on inaccurate field methods or outdated existing plans.

Save time, reduce errors, improve collaboration and maximise efficiency with precise field intelligence that is future proof and accessible anywhere.

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