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Delivering actionable project intelligence


A bird's-eye view of your project

Nothing beats a bird's-eye view of your project. At GagaMuller we believe this so much that our entire vision as a group is based around geospatial data and location perspective of your projects.

With drones you gain the unprecedented ability to instantly view, measure and manage your projects.

Logistics management of laydown spaces

Topography surveys and cut and fill

Calculating site areas and quantities

CAD drawing overlays to validate utilities and drainage install

Calculating stockpile volumes

Plant, delivery quantities and monitoring

Material quantities and measurement

Low flight high resolution for roof and facade quality inspections

High resolution marketing material for sales

High resolution presentation material for maintenance

Choose the quality that your business deserves

GagaMuller can provide a full service solution to allow you base your project or building on accurate, real-world data, rather than you relying on inaccurate field methods or outdated existing plans.

Save time, reduce errors, improve collaboration and maximise efficiency with precise field intelligence that is future proof and accessible anywhere.

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