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Visual data that is objective, irrefutable and comprehensive


Immerse yourself remotely

Make use of the power of the latest 360° degree photogrammetry software solutions on the market and have the ability to walk your project's site remotely from the comfort of your desk.

In the new world of hybrid and remote working there is no better way to keep up to date with your project or visualise your asset than with smart geo-location based 360° walkthroughs. 

Track progress on site against your schedule from afar

 Validate installation completion for faster payments

Demonstrate access and egress routes

Early identify potential risk and hazards before they happen

Present the finished spaces in high definition for sales and marketing

Overlay 360° imagery with 3D design for comparison of install

Historic reviews of spaces to forensically resolve disputes and claims

Drop in live at any time to check on your project

Choose the quality that your business deserves

GagaMuller can provide a full service solution to allow you base your project or building on accurate, real-world data, rather than you relying on inaccurate field methods or outdated existing plans.

Save time, reduce errors, improve collaboration and maximise efficiency with precise field intelligence that is future proof and accessible anywhere.

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